Important Information About Bonsai Tree Care

When thinking about Bonsai tree care, the most important thing to think about is proper watering. This is the type of tree that can die from both over watering and under watering. If you over water this tree you can cause a fungus to grow in the soil, which will essentially cause the roots of the tree to decompose. If the tree is not watered enough, it can suffer drought which is a lack of water and the tree will once again die. While bonsai trees can be grown indoors, at some point in order for the tree to be healthy and survive for a longer period of time it must be taken outside. Bonsai trees that are grown exclusively inside do not have a high success rate.


The soil and the pots that are used when planting a bonsai tree are extremely important as well. The type of soil you use will affect how often you feed and water your tree. The recommended soil content should be as follows, 30% grit, 70 % humus for deciduous trees. However the type of soil that you use will depend greatly on which type of bonsai tree that you grow. For example the combination of grit and humus is reversed for evergreen bonsai trees. The type of pot that you plants your bonsai tree in plays an important role as well. While there are different recommendation for pots you try to select a pot that is two third to three quarters as well as the tree is tall. It should also be half as deep as the tree is tall. A general rule is to keep the pt as high as the width of the tree trunk. This will give the tree room to grow and expand in the pot. If you have selected a pot that you that you tree has outgrown or will outgrow do not rush to replant the tree. Replanting the tree can cause some damage and cause the tree to die.


Another important part of caring for your bonsai tree is called pruning. There are different ways to prune your bonsai tree.  There is branch pruning and root pruning. However, they do go hand in hand. If you are pruning the roots of you bonsai tree it is important that you also prune the branches of your tree. This will keep the tree balanced. The less foliage that you have up top means that there is less foliage that the roots have to support. If you are planning on doing some branch pruning it’s a good idea to clip the tip of the branches and the some slight pruning of the leaves. If you have branches that are crossing each other to crossing the trunk of the tree it is a good idea to cut these branches to give tree room to continue to grow. If you have twigs that are pointing straight down off the branches it is also a good idea to cut these as they will cause the branches to droop down.

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