Bonsai Tree Demonstration

Graham Potter of Kaizen Bonsai shows his work restoring this old Japanese juniper bonsai tree.

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  1. I like what he did with the trunk… but I liked its overall shape better before he worked on it. then again I say this as a complete noob to bonsai art.

  2. how did you make the foliage into pads and where did you get the tree in the first place
    cause it looks amazin

  3. @iAirsoft69

    it might be a fungus called black spot. If it is, remove all damaged leaves and apply

  4. The overall outcome of the tree is amazing. Initially
    i thought it looked fine, but the finished product is amazing

  5. i have a chinese elm and it needs some help, this morning i woke up and it had little black dots on the leaves… they dried up and fell off, idk whats wrong but i think it stopped, can someone tell me whats wrong with it???

  6. Hello, i’ve made my first bonsai, and i’m searching for experienced people who can give me tips about my juniper bonsai, there’s a video of it on my channel. Please watch and comment. Thanks!

  7. 外人のセンスは分からんが、切らない方が綺麗だったんじゃないの?

  8. @TheHarvey234
    This tree was likely grown in the ground or a very large training pot for several years. It might also be yamadori (a collected tree).

  9. @eleanorskelter
    Everything he said about the tree at the beginning was spot on. It was unbalanced. Bonsai have certain aesthetic guidelines that dictate things such as ratios (many different ones), branch arrangement, and even things like the relationship of the pot to the tree (the pot is the frame, the tree is the painting). I say guidelines because they aren’t set rules and “breaking” these rules can be used to great advantage if one understands these rules and their application well.

  10. Beautifully done. An excellent demonstration of bonsai techniques and principles.

  11. @alonsotoro he had to the trunk wasnt strong enough to suport all that foleage

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