How to Plant Morning Star Jasmine

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Morning star jasmine is a beautiful, aromatic plant that makes a wonderful addition to any landscape or garden. With the trademark star-shaped blooms and sweet fragrance, you’re sure to enjoy your morning star jasmine on those warm summer evenings out in the yard. Planting morning star jasmine is very easy, and will produce endless rewards when your plant begins to thrive and makes your yard a jasmine wonderland.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Shovel
  • Pruning shears
  • Peat moss or other potting soil
  • Water
  1. Select a planting location. Morning star jasmine will grow at an incredible rate, so plant it somewhere with plenty of room. Place the plant in an area that gets plenty of daytime sun, and some shade in the afternoons.

  2. Dig a planting hole to place your jasmine plant in. You will want a hole about twice the size of your root ball, and dug to a similar depth as the container your morning star jasmine is coming out of.

  3. Remove the plant from the potting container. If the root ball is heavily compacted, use a pair of pruning shears to cut into the ball in a few areas to loosen it up.

  4. Add some peat moss or other potting soil to the soil you removed from the planting hole before you fill it in around the plant. Fill the soil mixture into the hole, filling it about halfway. Add water to soak the soil and help it pack in around the root ball.

  5. Fill the rest of the hole in with your soil mixture and water it thoroughly again. Be sure that the soil is well-moistened.

  6. Prune your plant from the top to help encourage growth. This will help your plant root in the new location to ensure that it thrives.

  7. Water regularly. Maintain moist soil, but do not overwater because the roots can drown, destroying the plant.

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