When Should I Plant My Brazilian Jasmine?

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The Brazilian jasmine vine (Jasminum fluminense) was first introduced into the state of Florida in the 1920’s from its native home in Africa. The plant has rapidly spread and become a nuisance in tropical areas, as it shades and chokes out native plant life.


  • Consider the aggressive growth habits of the Brazilian jasmine plant when choosing a planting location. The vine will grow rapidly into the high canopy of trees and can kill the tree by creating excessive shade. It readily self sows, so it will spread rapidly to cultivated locations. The plant also transplants any time of year, but the spring offers the best growth results.

    Planting Requirements

  • Brazilian jasmine requires well-draining soil to survive. It will not tolerate a wet root system or an area of flood, where it will easily die. The plant grows well in full sunlight or partial shade, and it requires ample support for its climbing needs. It can tolerate a limited amount of salt spray and grows well in coastal locations as long as it receives spray protection.


  • The evergreen vine flowers all year with white, fragrant tubular flowers that open during the evening hours. After flowering, black, two-lobed berries appear. The seeds are widely dispersed by birds and small mammals. The seeds germinate with ease any time of year.

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