Why is my Jasmine Plant Only Getting One Bloom on It?

tải xuống

Jasmine is an early-blooming shrub with an intensely sweet fragrance. Unfortunately, improper pruning results in few blossoms, and sometimes none at all.

    When to Prune

  • Timing is an important aspect of pruning jasmine because removing stems at the wrong time removes developing buds. The buds for next year’s flowers begin to form soon after flowering, so prune the shrub as soon as the flowers fade.

    How to Prune

  • Shrubs like jasmine with multiple branches arising from ground level are called cane shrubs. To prune this type of shrub, cut out the oldest and tallest branches from ground level each year. Older canes are brown in color, and new canes are green. This method of pruning encourages flowers along the length of the branch from the ground up. Shorten the individual canes only when necessary to preserve the shape.

    Spider Mites

  • Jasmine plants sometimes becomes infested with spider mites. When this happens, cut the entire plant to the ground after the flowers fade and destroy the infested plant material. Fertilize the crown to encourage new growth.

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