How to Attach a Confederate Jasmine to a Fence


Confederate jasmine is a fast-growing, hardy plant that has an aesthetic appearance and an ability to act as ground cover, shrubbery, and even a vine-like plant. Confederate jasmine often grows to about 2 feet tall, and will grow thick like a shrub if lopped off at the top to prevent top growth. You can actually train the confederate jasmine to grow up your fences, exceeding the normal 2-foot height, by attaching it properly along a fencepost.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Garden spade
  • Twist-ties or wire stock
  1. Inspect the base of your confederate jasmine to be sure it is near your fence. The plant should be a few inches to a foot from your fence post. If it is not, gently dig around the root structure with a garden spade and move it closer.

  2. Pull one of the center stalks of a bushy area of the jasmine, and tie it to your fence with a long twist-tie or section of thin, pliable wire stock. Twist to secure the wire loosely around the fencepost and the stalk.

  3. Add another twist-tie every 6 inches on a main stalk from the base of the jasmine to the end, moving up the fencepost.

  4. Repeat the same process for each thick stalk of the confederate jasmine. The plant will continue to grow, growing upward instead of outward. It can reach lengths of 20 feet.

  5. Remove and replace twist-ties as the plant outgrows them. If you use long sections of wire stock, untwisting them a bit can relieve enough tension to keep you from having to replace them.

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