Star Jasmine Plant Information


Star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides ), also known as confederate jasmine, is the Deep South’s most popular flowering vine, according to the Floridata website. Not a true member of the jasmine family, star jasmine is a plant even novice gardeners can grow.


  • The evergreen vine of star jasmine will climb as high as 40 feet in some instances, attaching itself to objects with its roots. The plant has a pair of green shades when new growth emerges in the spring, with one light and the other, older growth being darker. The flowers the star jasmine produces are white and about 1 inch wide, exuding a pleasant aroma.

    Growing Conditions

  • Star jasmine can handle different types of soil, and once it establishes itself, the plant can tolerate drought conditions. Star jasmine can grow in partial shade or in full sunshine. Occasional trimming can keep the star jasmine from expanding too far.


  • Among the several landscaping uses for star jasmine is its employment as a ground cover. The plant will grow up onto fences, walls, doorways, trellises, and pergolas when given the opportunity. Star jasmine also serves as a container plant, and is attractive when planted in hanging baskets.

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