How to Care for a Sun Star Flower

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Demand is high for the spectacular Sun Star flower. Known as "Ornithogalum dubium," this plant is a native of South Africa. Orange or yellow leaves adorn a long, green stem making the plant ideal for bouquets. Growers cultivate the Sun Star to market as a pot-plant. Florists also use it as a cut flower. With careful maintenance, you can enjoy this beautiful flower indoors or out.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


  1. Place good quality, dry soil in a container. Use a container that has holes at the bottom.

  2. Place the Sun Star in the container, and place the container in a brightly lit area outside. The plant needs full sunlight to grow effectively. Give them a southern view of the sun if possible. A moderate view of the east will work as well. If you keep it indoors, place it near a well-lit window that has no covering.

  3. Water the plant whenever you see the top 1 to 2 inches dry. The Sun Star needs moderate watering, and it is good to keep it slightly dry.

  4. Allow the plant to grow for the rest of the blooming season. When it stops blooming, do not remove the plant from the light source. It soaks up this light to use during the next growing season.

  5. Continue to water the plant as usual. Eventually, during late summer, its leaves will turn yellow and die. When that happens, it is safe to remove its foliage.

  6. Wait for spring to arrive, and then repeat these steps. The plant will go through the same cycles.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure the water drains from the holes in the bottom of the container when you water the Sun Star. Do not allow standing water to accumulate in the soil. Standing-water will make the Sun Star rot.

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