How to Grow Birds Of Paradise


Birds of Paradise are some of the most exotic looking and vivid flowers. They look something like an exotic bird with their odd shape and bright orange and purple blooms. They are a great addition for decoration to a room!

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


  1. Make sure you keep the soil moist, especially in the spring and summer months. You can water less often during fall and winter, when they will go into something of a state of hibernation and need less water.

  2. Use a support to help them grow properly. These are a slightly heavy flower, so they need some kind of support to grow straight, especially if they are newly planted.

  3. If you do not live in a place with mild temperatures, make sure you grow these inside. They need to be kept in temperatures that don’t drop below about 50 degrees, so keep them inside if you live anywhere that has harsh winters.

  4. Make sure you fertilize the soil. Birds of Paradise need nutrient rich soil to thrive.

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