How to Cut the Brown Leaves From a Bird-of-Paradise Plant

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Bird-of-paradise is a tropical plant favored for its large foliage and dramatic blooms. It’s commonly grown outdoors in the Deep South, and kept as an indoor houseplant in a brightly lighted area. Its brightly colored flower looks remarkably like a tropical bird. The plant lives a long time with proper maintenance. Water, fertilize and remove old, damaged and brown leaves to reduce the chance of fungal development in the dead plant material.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Small scissors
  1. Grasp the brown bird-of-paradise leaf firmly in one hand, near where it joins the crown of the plant. Tug lightly to keep it from other leaves, but not hard enough to separate it from the crown.

  2. Slip one scissor blade under the edge of the leaf stem, 1/2 inch from where the stem and crown join. Slide the blade as far down as it will go.

  3. Push aside any other leaves and stems that could be nicked or damaged by the scissor blades. Make a firm, single cut across the brown leaf’s stem with a single scissor stroke.

Tips & Warnings

  • The bird-of-paradise needs good drainage to reduce the chance of leaves yellowing and turning brown.

  • Encourage healthy leaves and new growth by fertilizing this plant every three months.

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