How to Plant a Bird of Paradise

images Bird of paradise plants thrive in warmer temperatures (above 50 degrees F). If temperatures in your area reach below this, your bird of paradise plant needs to be planted inside. They also need at least 5 hours of sun a day, so put your plant in a place where it can get plenty of rays. The bird of paradise requires a little more attention then the average plant, but its unique beauty makes planting one worthwhile.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Bird of paradise plant (potted from a nursery)
  • Container (2 inches wider and deeper than nursery pot)
  • Water
  • Peat soil
  • Plant food
  1. Fill the container about half full with peat soil.

  2. Gently tear away the temporary nursery pot from around the roots of the bird of paradise plant. Try to keep as much soil around the roots as possible.

  3. Place your plant in the center of the container and surround the root ball with more rich peat soil. Fill up the container until the soil reaches the top.

  4. Water the bird of paradise immediately, so that any air pockets in the soil will be eliminated.

  5. Place the container in a sunny place outside if temperatures stay higher then 50 degrees F. Move the bird of paradise inside whenever it becomes too cold.

  6. Replant your bird of paradise in the springtime in a bigger container as it continues to grow. After a couple of years, you can separate the plants into several containers.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep the soil damp, especially in the spring and summer. Make sure to feed your plant once every two weeks in the spring/summer and once per month during the fall and winter. If you have trouble remembering to water plants, you can purchase a self watering container.

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