How to Remove Bird of Paradise

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The bird of paradise is a tropical flower that gets its name from the appearance of its blooms. The plant produces tall, green, vertical tubes that have brightly colored orange and yellow spikes on top that resemble a bird’s head. This resemblance to a bird has also garnered it the name crane’s head flower. The plant blooms only in the spring and summer, but keeps its green leaves year round. In the United States, bird of paradise flowers are grown outdoors only in Southern Florida and California.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Shovel
  • An assistant
  1. Pull back any mulch, pine straw and other landscaping material from around the base of the bird of paradise plant. You will need a clear area that is at least two feet wide in all directions.

  2. Place the shovel at the outer edge of the cleared area and insert it fully into the ground. Lean back on the shovel slightly to loosen the soil. Remove the shovel and place it into the ground directly beside the first location to loosen the soil. Continue inserting the shovel into the ground until you have worked your way all the way around the entire bird of paradise plant.

  3. Grasp the base of the plant and pull it up out of the ground. If the plant holds firm to the ground, have another person hold the plant up while you use your hands to remove the roots from the soil. Do not break the roots off, as the plant will grow back if you leave them in the soil.

  4. Fill the hole in with soil, or place another plant into it if desired.

Tips & Warnings

  • Since the bird of paradise spreads via the roots, the root system can be up to one foot across in large plants. Take your time when removing the plant so that you get all of the roots out of the ground and don’t break any off.

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