Removing a Large Bird of Paradise Root

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While bird of paradise plants are beautiful, large varieties of this tropical plant can reach 30 feet tall and quickly take over a small yard. Cutting down a bird of paradise plant is not enough, as this flowering beauty can easily and quickly regrow from its large root. The only way to get rid of a bird of paradise plant for good is to remove the large, tuberous root at its base.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Shovel
  1. Water the area with 2 to 3 inches of water the evening before you plan to dig. Slightly moistened soil is much easier to dig through.

  2. Dig a trench around the perimeter of the root down to its depth. A shovel with a sharp, flat edge is an ideal tool for the job. You can also use a spade or any other sharp tool.

  3. Wedge your shovel’s blade next to the root as close to its base as possible.

  4. Push down on your shovel’s handle to create leverage and lift the root out of the ground.

  5. Dig around the perimeter of the hole. Look for small roots or severed root pieces. Remove these as well.

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