Bird of Paradise Plant Requirements


  • Birds of paradise plants produce bright-colored flowers. The flower’s unique shape looks like a bird preparing for flight. This exotic plant is native to tropical South Africa. It blooms during the months of September through May. Birds of paradise make a stunning addition to a garden or to a room when they are potted. Once you understand the maintenance required, caring for these plants is easy.

    Care Requirements

  • Keep the plant’s soil moist during spring and summer months. Water the plants whenever the soil feels dry to the touch. However, reduce watering and let the soil become somewhat dry during the fall and winter months. Feed the plant with a good-quality fertilizer twice a month from March to September. The Garden Helper recommends using a potting mixture of sterile potting soil, peat moss and sand as well as a healthy amount of bone meal. Ensure the plant’s soil and container (if used) allows for ample water drainage.

    Indoor, Warm Temperatures

  • According to the Flower Expert, these plants do best when kept indoors. They don’t do well when evening temperatures dip below 50 degrees. The ideal daytime temperature for these plants is between 68 and 72 degrees. They also do best with at least 4 hours of direct sun, plus bright light all day.


  • Trim these plants in the fall and winter months and re-pot younger plants each spring to accommodate their increased size.

    Stems Require Support

  • The plant’s long, fragile stems need to be supported when in a container, such as a pot or vase. One way to support them is to bundle the plant with other tough plants or flowers to keep it upright. However, it’s best not to use smaller flowers as the plant’s dense leaves can bruise them.
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