The World’s First Professional On-line Landscape/Garden Design Course

What the course offers The Oxford College of Garden Design online diploma students will experience: * Interactive video tutorials/podcasts * A personal tutor * A virtual classroom; peer-to-peer interaction via online forums online community based learning * Multi application lectures ability to listen to lectures on your iPod/phone/MP3 player * Online galleries featuring ground plan designs, planting plans, construction drawings and more * Monthly webinars – live video streams and question and answer session * CAD (computer aided design) and modelling interactive video tutorials The diploma is perfect for students who are unable to travel, geographically disparate or who simply want to study from home using progressive techniques. Lectures are time released to co-inside with the classroom taught program; so both online and face-to-face students learn together. This new way of learning is also good for the environment, significantly cutting back on carbon footprints/the need to travel both internationally and locally. Duncan Heather, Principal of Oxford College of Garden Design has partnered with Internet entrepreneur Elspeth Briscoe to pioneer interactive learning in garden design.

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