How to Transplant Bird of Paradise

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The bird of paradise is an exotic tropical plant that boasts a flamboyant flower. The blossom resembles the plumage of a bird that shares its name with the plant, the bird of paradise. Although the plant comes from South Africa it is grown in warmer states, such as California, Arizona and Florida.
This plant needs at least four hours of direct sunlight each day. It does best with night temperatures between 50 and 55 degrees, and day temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees.
The plants should be fertilized every two weeks. They do well with a thorough watering and need the soil to get slightly dry before rewatering.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Water Shovel Compost
  1. Thoroughly water the soil of the plant to be transplanted. Do this the day before you plan to transplant.

  2. Dig up the plant, keeping as much of the root mass together as possible, taking soil if needed.

  3. Dig a hole where you plan to transplant the bird of paradise. Make the hole about twice the size of the root mass.

  4. Add to the hole a 50:50 mix of compost to soil. Blend the soil and compost well.

  5. Insert the plant in the new hole. Add soil and firm up the soil around the root mass. Fill in the hole with the soil compost mixture.

  6. Water regularly until the plant is established.

Tips & Warnings

  • It may take several years for a transplanted plant to bloom.

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