Bird of Paradise Plant Propagation


Bird of paradise is propagated by division or by seeds. Since most plants are hybrids, seeds are likely to give you a plant with characteristics different from the parent plant.


  • Bird of paradise seeds must be less than six months old to germinate successfully. The seeds have a tough outer coating that must be soaked in warm water and then nicked so the seed can germinate. Plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep and keep the soil moist. Cover the container with plastic to help maintain even moisture. It takes two to three months for the seeds to germinate.


  • Divide bird of paradise rhizomes in early spring before new growth begins. Dig up the plant and use a sharp knife to cut the rhizomes apart so that each section has a fan with roots attached. Pot the divisions and place them in a warm location in indirect light for eight weeks. Keep the soil moist.


  • Don’t be disappointed if your new plants don’t flower for a while after propagation . It takes a year or two for new divisions to come to flower, and seedlings take up to five years.

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