How to Replant a Bird of Paradise

Bird-of-paradise plants provide attractive foliage, but their main draw is their exotic flowers. Each flower resembles a bird in shape and the bright red, yellow or orange color makes them an eye-catching bloom. The tropical plant is usually grown as a potted plant, as it cannot tolerate cold winter temperatures. After several years of growth, the bird-of-paradise becomes pot-bound, requiring transplanting into a larger container. Otherwise, flowering is inhibited and the plant begins to decline.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Pot
  • Coffee filter
  • Potting soil
  1. Lay a coffee filter over the drainage holes in a pot one size larger than the current pot containing the bird-of-paradise. The coffee filter prevents soil from falling out of the pot but doesn’t inhibit proper drainage.

  2. Place 2 to 3 inches of potting soil in the bottom of the pot. Use the same type of potting soil that was used in the old pot.

  3. Water the bird-of-paradise until the excess moisture drains freely from the bottom of the pot. Grasp the plant around the stem near the soil surface and lift it out of the pot.

  4. Loosen the roots on the outside of the root ball gently with your fingers, arranging them so they are growing downward.

  5. Set the plant inside the new pot. Add or remove soil from underneath the root ball until the crown of the plant sits 2 inches beneath the rim of the pot. The crown is where the stems emerge from the root system.

  6. Fill in around the roots with additional potting soil until the soil level is even with the crown of the bird-of-paradise. Firm the soil surface lightly with your hands.

  7. Water the soil until the excess drains from the bottom, forcing out any air pockets around the roots. Add additional soil if necessary after watering.

Tips & Warnings

  • Birds-of-paradise require repotting when the roots begin growing out of the drainage hole.

  • Replant in spring just as new growth begins.

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