How Often Do I Fertilize a Bird-of-Paradise Plant?


The bird-of-paradise flower, also known as a crane flower, gets its name from the spectacular blooms it produces. The flowers resemble brightly colored orange and blue birds in flight. When bird-of-paradise plants get fertilized properly, mature plants can produce up to three dozen flower spikes each year.

    Outdoor Plants

  • In warm climates, you can grow bird-of-paradise plants outside year-round. Spread fertilizer around outdoor bird-of-paradise plants every three months during the growing season.

    Indoor Plants

  • Indoor plants require a liquid fertilizer every two weeks during active growth. Mature plants that seem unable to flower may require additional phosphorous to encourage blooming. Use plenty of organic matter, such as a peat-based soil, when potting the plant as good soil also helps feed the plant.

    Types of Fertilizer

  • Organic fertilizers work well to give bird-of-paradise all of the nutrients it needs to grow and bloom. Organic fertilizers include sewage sludge, manure and blood meal. Non-organic fertilizers also help bird-of-paradise plants thrive. Use granular landscape fertilizers according to the directions on the package or try control-release fertilizers.

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