Propagation of a White Bird of Paradise


The white bird of paradise (Strelitzia alba) plant does not produce divisible clumps the way that the more commonly grown orange bird of paradise does. The two primary methods for propagation are seeds and offshoots.


  • White bird of paradise produce offshoots

    White bird of paradise grow in tree-form and produce dense offshoots as they age. These offshoots should be thinned occasionally by cutting them from the plant with a sharp knife. Leave the wound to heal, then plant the offshoot separately.


  • Seeds form on pollinated flower heads about five months after pollination. Seeds must be either planted before they harden or scarified with a file before planting. The seeds will germinate in about two to three months.


  • It takes white bird of paradise three, five or even 10 years to produce blooms after germinating from seed. Offshoots take three months to produce roots and only one to two years to produce blooms. Seeds are more likely to grow successfully, but may not carry the same characteristics as the parent plant. Offshoots grow true to parent type, but the success rate is much lower.

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