When to Prune a Bird of Paradise in Florida


The showy, tropical bird of paradise with its distinct orange and blue bird-like flowers thrives in the hot, humid Florida climate, as does its cousin the giant or white bird of paradise. Although these plants grow well in Florida, regular and proper pruning will keep them lush and healthy.

    Bird of Paradise

  • To minimize the occurrences of fungal organisms building up on dead plant tissue, old flower stalks and dead leaves must be removed regularly, paying extra attention to removing winter damage in early spring.

    Giant Bird of Paradise

  • The giant bird of paradise is susceptible to damage as temperatures dip below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove winter damage in early spring, when temperatures are on the rise.


  • Both the bird of paradise and the giant bird of paradise grow root suckers that need to be removed before becoming a thick mass of difficult-to-handle mature plants vying for nutrients. Divide root clumps in late spring or early summer. The removed growth can be transplanted elsewhere or discarded.

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