When to Plant Agapanthus Bulbs

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Commonly known as Lily of the Nile, the showy blue blossoms that appear on agapanthus in late summer make it a common container or bedding plant. When you plant, depends upon where you live.


  • Agapanthus is often confused with lily species due to its dense, strap-like green foliage and tall stems and clusters of small, tubular blue flowers that resemble lilies.


  • A tropical plant, agapanthus is only suitable for bedding if you live in a warm region that does not experience freezing temperatures. Agapanthus is recommended for planting in USDA hardiness zones nine through 11, which includes most of Florida, western areas of California, parts of southwestern Arizona, and the southernmost parts of Texas and Louisiana. In zones nine through 11, agapanthus bulbs can be planted year-round.

    Container Growing

  • If you do not live in zones nine through 11, you can enjoy agapanthus as a container plant, indoors, or outdoors during summer. When growing as a container plant, agapanthus can be planted at anytime, although fall planting is best for blooming the following summer. Plant one bulb per 12-inch pot. Indoors, agapanthus needs bright light and average temperatures. Water well during active growth, and allow to dry out during winter. Move to a shaded spot outdoors when danger of frost has passed, then gradually move into full sun. Bring inside before first frost.

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