Ideas With Pansies


  • Pansies are low-growing, spreading annual flowering plants growing up to 9 inches tall and wide. They are tolerant of cold weather in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8 and most often planted for winter color. They are available in every color imaginable, including blue and purple.

    Hanging Baskets

  • Plant pansies in hanging baskets. Their low-spreading habit allows them to cascade over the side of the basket, providing color all winter. Hanging baskets can be planted with just pansies or mixed with other cold-tolerant flowering and cascading plants such as nasturtiums.


  • Pansies make a colorful border when planted nine to 12 inches apart. Using pansies that are of a single color creates a greater impact in a border than a mix of color. Plant other cool-weather annuals such as flowering kale or snapdragons inside the border .

    Bedding Plants

  • A large bed filled with a single color of pansies is a stunning addition to the winter landscape. Plant pansies in a checkerboard fashion nine inches apart for quick cover. Start at the back of the flowerbed and work toward the front to avoid stepping on newly added plants.

    Strawberry Pots

  • A strawberry pot is a pot with a series of holes in the side that allows plants to cascade over the sides of the pot. Although made for growing strawberries, a strawberry pot is ideal for the cascading color pansies provide.

    Window Boxes

  • A window box located outside a window and filled with colorful pansies not only brightens up a drab winter landscape, it allows you to see the flowers from inside the home. Mix pansies with other colorful winter annuals such as nasturtiums and flowering kale in a window box for even more impact.
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