Why Won’t My Petunias Bloom?


Petunias bloom in late summer or early autumn, but only if they are healthy and able to germinate. If your petunias are not blooming, you need to examine your garden’s overall health.


  • Petunias require moist soil. Overly muddy, fully saturated soil can diminish petunia health. The plants also need space to grow and blossom. Provide about two feet of space on each side of your petunia plant.


  • Petunias need full sun. Even mild shade can prevent flowering. At least six hours of direct sunlight is needed for germination.


  • Even during ideal growing conditions, plants can naturally wilt and die. If you notice discolored, wilted petunia flowers, prune these flowers to preserve nutrients for healthier petunia buds. So-called "deadheading" can promote increased flowering.

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