Will Petunias Come Back If They Look Dead?


Petunias are annuals. This means they complete a full life cycle in one year. If your petunia is truly dead, it will not come back. However, some petunias may look dead but are actually alive and salvageable.


  • When a petunia naturally dies at the end of its life cycle, it disperses seeds into your garden bed, allowing new growth in the spring and summer. If the petunia dies ahead of time, seed germination is nonexistent, and you must replant in the spring.


  • A dead petunia flower is wilted and discolored, and the plant’s stalk is bendable and squishy. If the flower is just wilted, but still colorful with a firm stalk, then it is not dead and it can come back.


  • Wilted petunias will only revitalize if properly cared for. Make sure your soil is moist, but not fully saturated and muddy. Petunias require at least six hours of direct sunlight for optimal health

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