How to Plant Hellebore


Hellebores are also known as Lenten roses, and they produce large dark green leaves. Their flower colors include ivory, primrose, ruby purple and nearly black. They are early spring flowers and provide the garden with some visual interest during the early spring. Though they will easily reseed themselves, it’s best to start off with healthy plants from the nursery.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


  1. Choose a location that receives at least partial sun when the trees are bare and is shaded when the leaves fill in.

  2. Plant during the autumn, so the hellebore has a cold winter to go through before it blooms in early spring.

  3. Use a shovel to work compost into the soil. Hellebore does well in rich, organic areas.

  4. Dig a hole for each hellebore plant. The holes should be deep enough that the plant sits at the same level above ground as it does in its nursery container.

  5. Space the holes so there are at least 12 inches between the plants.

  6. Place the hellebore plants in their holes and firm the soil around them.

  7. Water thoroughly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Every part of this plant is considered poisonous, so don’t plant a hellebore near small children.

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