My Geraniums Will Not Bloom Flowers


Geraniums add color and scent both indoors and out. These plants have attractive leaves and offer flowers in many different colors. If your geraniums don’t receive proper care, you may never see those bright blooms. Learn the reasons for poor geranium flowering and grow healthier, more attractive plants.


  • It’s possible to overfeed a geranium plant. Geraniums bloom poorly when overfertilized. Use either dry fertilizer or water-soluble types, but never both, advises University of Minnesota Extension.


  • Geraniums may also have trouble blooming when they become too hot. Excessive sun or a very warm indoor environment may discourage flowering. Move the plant to a cooler space to see improvement. Daytime temperatures of 65 to 70 degrees F and night temperatures of about 55 degrees are ideal.


  • Geraniums which drop buds before they can flower may have too much water. This may come from simple overwatering, or from an environment that’s too high in humidity. Reducing the water or the humidity of the environment can make a significant difference.


  • Geraniums require plenty of bright light to flower — particularly if indoors. Geraniums may require as many as 16 hours a day of bright light per day to bloom indoors, according to Clemson University Extension. Natural light on a south or west-facing window sill can be supplemented with fluorescent grow lights.

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