Can You Trim Hanging Petunias?


Petunias have a simple root structure, and you can pot them in relatively small hanging pots. Potted petunias can grow long, spindly stalks that hang down the side of the pot. You can trim these hanging plants with the proper technique.


  • Petunias are self-seeding. At the end of their life cycle, they spread seeds within your pot, promoting new growth. If your hanging pot is overpopulated with petunias, the flowers compete for resources and all suffer.


  • Common "wave" petunias feature multiple flowers growing off a single, central stalk. To trim hanging petunias, cut the flower off where it joins the main stalk. If you cut the plant away from the stalk junction, it could regrow excess new buds.


  • When trimming unsightly hanging blossoms, also look for wilted flowers. If you remove wilted flowers, this preserves resources for healthy flowers. It’s easier to encourage continued healthy growth than it is to try revitalizing a wilted blossom.

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