How to Take Impatiens Cuttings


Impatiens are ideal plants for cool, semi-shady spots in your garden. As the plant grows, it will provide bright blooms contrasting with impatiens’ rich, dark foliage. With proper care, impatiens will continue to bloom profusely until the first frost in autumn. If you have a particularly lovely impatiens, you can prolong the beauty for another season. Take several cuttings, then root the cuttings for planting outdoors when the weather warms the following spring.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You’ll Need:

  • Small pot
  • Commercial potting soil
  • Clean, sharp knife or garden pruners
  • Powdered rooting hormone
  • Clear plastic bag
  • Spray bottle
  1. Fill a small pot with commercial potting soil, then dampen the soil lightly with a spray bottle. Be sure the pot has a drainage hole to prevent the impatiens cuttings from rotting in soggy soil.

  2. Cut a 2- to 4-inch stem from a healthy, mature impatiens plant using a clean, sharp knife or garden pruners. Choose a stem with no buds or flowers, then cut the stem just below a leaf.

  3. Pull the leaves from the bottom half of the stem, leaving two or three leaves intact at the stem tip. Roll an inch of the bare stem in powdered rooting hormone. Poke a hole in the potting soil, then place the stem in the hole. Water the potting soil lightly to settle the soil around the cutting.

  4. Cover the pot with a clear plastic bag to keep the impatiens warm and moist. Place the pot in a warm, bright spot away from hot, direct sunlight. Check the soil regularly and mist inside the bag if the soil feels dry. Usually, misting won’t be needed because the plastic will keep the soil moist.

  5. Remove the plastic bag when new leaves appear. Place the plant in indirect sunlight and keep the soil evenly moist, but never soggy. Plant the impatiens outdoors after all danger of frost has passed in spring.

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