Perennials With Multicolor Flowers


  • Perennials, plants which live for more than two years, are a favorite of home gardeners since they often produce attractive blooms. Perennials with multicolored flowers can put on a spectacular show for floral enthusiasts. Fortunately, a number of perennials have flowers that come in varied colors and reward the nurturing backyard gardener with a beautiful display of blossoms.


  • Daylilies are hardy perennials that will make a great addition to your garden and require only a modest amount of care to thrive. Able to adapt to various sunlight and soil conditions, the plant can tolerate some shade, but does best with six hours of sun per day. Although it prefers a slightly acidic soil, it will withstand other types of soil. The flowers bloom in numerous colors, including orange, pink, white and yellow.


  • Yarrow is a drought-tolerant perennial and makes an excellent choice for cut or dried flowers. It has a long blooming season, which extends from May to September. The leaves resemble those of a fern and are green to gray. Yarrow is 6 to 36 inches high and has a spread of 12 to 24 inches. The flowers can bloom in red, orange-red, white, yellow or pink.


  • The delphinium is a tall perennial that can reach 7 feet high and 1 to 3 feet wide. The plant tends to grow straight up and is therefore a good choice for a garden border. The flower color ranges from blue, purple, white or pink and bloom can occur from June to September.


  • Honeysuckle is a rapidly growing perennial vine that has trumpet-shaped, multicolored flowers. The flowers blossom from July to September and are quite fragrant. They come in colors of red, white, orange or yellow. The spread of the plant can extend to over 10 feet. The attractive, fragrant flowers and wide spread of this plant make it a good choice to cover a fence or trellis.
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