How to Flower With Exogenous Estrogen


Estrogen is a female hormone that is necessary for reproduction. In plants, estrogen controls the number and quality of the fruiting body and the seeds. You can use the process of exogenous estrogen (exogenous means "outside") to improve your garden by using gibberellic acid, a naturally occurring plant estrogen that can be purchased from botanical supply houses.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things You’ll Need:

  • 1 milligram gibberellic acid
  • 1 liter water
  • Spray bottle
  1. Add 1 milligram of gibberellic acid to 1 liter of water.

  2. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Turn the spray nozzle to a misting setting.

  3. Spray the early buds with the hormonal solution.

Tips & Warnings

  • If using a commercially prepared hormonal solution, follow the directions on the package.

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