Information on the Bat Flower Plant

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The bat flower, otherwise known as devil flower or cat’s whiskers, originated in Malaysia. It is a perennial plant that does best when it’s repotted every two to three years.


  • Bat flowers grow as tall as 3 feet. This plant has oblong dark green leaves and green bell-shaped flowers. Each flower has slender brown, green or black filaments in the center. These filaments are naturally droopy and slightly reminiscent of a flying bat. Bat flowers are virtually stem-less.

    Planting Considerations

  • Bat flowers do best in USDA hardiness zone 11. They bloom from early to late summer and are tolerant of heat and humidity. Bat flowers are not fragrant. For best results, fertilize them on a monthly basis.


  • Bat flowers prefer bright indirect sun and grow well in potting soil. Keep soil moist. Watering with warm (non-acidic) water is recommended. Bat flowers go dormant in the fall. Keep them warm and dry until spring.

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