Behind the breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Dogs.

A lot of people seriously don’t know what an American Pit Bull Terrier is. Watch this video and you will understand the breed allot more. Most people that claim to own these dogs really don’t. They own mixed bred dogs that are designed using the American Pit Bull Terrier. Allot of these crosses have American Bulldogs added in for size and strength and some even try adding Bullmastiffs! Both the American Bulldog and Bullmastiff are much larger and more powerful dogs then the American Pit Bull Terrier. That is one of the reasons they are used to produce the dog commonly seen today. Allot of these dogs end up in shelters. In reality, the true APBT is, in my opinion, one of the best dogs you can own, if you know how. Dogs are pack animals and you need to make sure you’re the pack-leader without ever hitting or abusing your animals. You also need to make sure that you can handle a dominant breed. The true American Pit Bull Terrier is a small to medium sized dog that gets 15 – 21 inches at the shoulders and 22 – 65 pounds. Anything more then 70 pounds is obese and/or a mutt. In this video you will learn: *- What a true American Pit Bull Terrier is and how to know. *- How to tell the difference between the true APBT and the Fakes. *- How to know if the breeder is a legit, educated, responsible, reputable, respectable breeder, and also how to tell if they are a “Back-Yard” breeder. *- You will also learn the “Pit Bull” isn’t a breed, its a term used to describe a certain group of

25 thoughts on “Behind the breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Dogs.”

  1. @ghost121086 American Bullies are “Pit Bulls” as its not a breed, its a group. I never said a Bully Kutta was the tallest, they are not. I was using the breed as an example as they are taller then Danes and Wolfhounds. The dog is now a purebred because of many years of selective breeding – American Bullies, are mutts, though. Don’t comment on my videos disrespecting me like I’m stupid when you are uneducated and have made Yourself look stupid ….

  2. Now how can you sit here and say that bully are not actually pitbulls that they are mutts, even though in your other video you said that great danes, irish wolfhounds, and mastiffs are not the tallest dogs and that the bully kutta is, even though the bully kutta is from Pakistan, and to “make” that dog it was bred from great danes, english mastiffs and bulldogs, so hows it not mutt. and I really dought your even gona post this so you dont look so fuckin stupid on youtube

  3. Nice video but I hope people would adopt from shelters – so many bully breeds die in shelters. They often wind up there because people don’t realize how high energy they are.

    I have pittie from a shelter and she is such a loving girl. I am retired, in my sixties, and I didn’t get her for my image :) But since I’ve had my pittie girl, I’ve because a big advocate for these wonderful dogs.

  4. i am sick of preaching this same exact stuff every time i run into someone that takes interest in my dogs. it should be mandatory for the world to watch this!!! lol. but i love this breed and i would die for my american pitbull terriers because i know they would die for me.

  5. Ignorance is the key word. And people still don’t realize that small dog’s like 5-10 pounds harm more people than the larger ones.This video was awesome thank you

  6. Thank you finaly some one that knows the difference, And I have to say I did own a true American Pit Bull Terrier, And I loved that dog. Someone actually shot it!!! Just because it was a pitbull!!! I hope he is having a good time rotting in jail

  7. Well, i knew that, only thing i dont understand is how people can confuse retrievers with APBT’s????? Does that happen?? I love APBT’s but they are illegal in my country. :-(

  8. great video man an APBT should only weigh 40 to 60 lbs and not suppose to be extremely muscular they are slender athletic dogs not to have the crazy bulk u see some people think is the in thing or accutally think that dog is suppose to like that which its not check out my vid response of my white APBT puppy playing with my staffordshire bull terrier mix… tell me what u think

  9. Thanks for the video it helped settle and arguement between me and my neighbor who owens two american bullies and i own a real APBT but when we’re walking our dogs he’s being dragged by two 100 pound dogs and my 60 APBT is walking at my side.

  10. yeah these dogs are great and the do not get the reputation the deserve, but unlike the American Staffordshire Terrier the APBT is not an AKC recognized breed. I completely agree with the message you are send and am in no way saying any wrong about your video I’m just stating more facts. Trust me APBT, Am Staff, and Staffie Owners are all in this together this is a war worth fighting and we will not stop untill justice is served for “Pit Bulls”

  11. They are though. People are uneducated and ignorant. They see short coats, muscles and big heads and think “pit bull”. They don’t know the difference. They don’t care. My friend had a pharaoh hound/duck toller cross and people asked if she was pit all the time. Just plain ignorance.

  12. Well.. people are stupid. There are more lab bites in the U.S. than any other breed, but ignorant people just assume.

  13. I really enjoyed this video. I respect the TRUE bred APBT, but I can’t respect the “designer” breeds that claim to be APBT’s. They just try to make the breed “bigger” because they think that’s going to make them “better.” The reality is, a REAL APBT is such a beautiful, sleek breed of dog, and people who cross-breed to get a huge monster and claim it as an APBT is just ruining the true breed.

  14. Christ that dog at 0:47 is a beast, quite a frightning pic actually lol :), great vid, i know about the pit bull not being an actual breed but its god damn anoying trying to explain that to dim wit owners braggin about owning a pitbull!

  15. yes this guy nows his shit like i no my shit , he says all things i say when it comes to the misconseption towrds american pitbull terriers

  16. Thank you for the video, so much ignorance circulating in the US thanks to irresponsible and uneducated people. People need to know the truth about the breeds, disposition etc. My grandparents had APBT growing up, they where the main breed for most americans at that time. great dogs, but now people are trying to change the face of this dog and make it into some kinda monster or killing machine. laws are getting strick, we need to fight the ignorance!

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