Cymbidium Orchid Fertilizer


Cymbidium orchids, native to tropical Asia and Australia, are favorites for corsages and cut flowers. Their thick, waxy petals come in every color except blue and true red. Cymbidiums are heavy feeders, and require a fertilizer with adequate nitrogen to ensure healthy growth and flowering.

  • Type of Fertilizer

The Colorado State University Extension recommends using a liquid 30-10-10 fertilizer for orchids grown in pure bark. For orchids grown in other mixes, a 20-20-20 formulation will work best. If you prefer not to fertilize continually throughout the season, use a slow-release fertilizer formulated for orchids.

  • When to Fertilize

Fertilize your cymbidiums every two weeks from January through July. For the rest of the year, fertilize only once a month. When new growth is forming, you may increase the schedule to once a week.

  • Culture

To look their best, cymbidium orchids require very bright light, a well-draining potting mix formulated for orchids and temperatures of 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 58 to 60 degrees at night, according to the Extension. If your home is quite dry, increase the humidity to at least 50 percent by running a room humidifier or placing your cymbidium’s container on a tray filled with small rocks and water.

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