About Taking Care of Peace Lilies

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Peace lilies are indoor plants that bloom in large white flowers. According to Clemson University, they are one of the only plants that blooms in low-light conditions. With the proper care, your peace lilies will bloom for many years.

  • Soil and Water

Peace lilies like their soil moist, but you should let it dry out between waterings. However, do not let it remain dry for too long or else the plant will wilt. When watering, make sure the water is room temperature and don’t let the soil get too soggy. A well-drained potting mix will suffice for soil.

  • Light

Do not place your peace lilies in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can burn the plant. Instead, put the plant in bright, filtered light. If that is not possible, peace lilies will live in low-light levels.

  • Fertilizer

According to Clemson University, you should use very little fertilizer when caring for peace lilies. If you decide to use fertilizer, use a balanced 20-20-20 liquid type every three months.

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