What to Do With Daylilies in Fall?


  • Daylilies are workhorse flowers, blooming constantly throughout the summer and requiring little care. These rugged perennials need a small amount of care in the fall to get ready for winter freezes.
  • Cleaning Up

  • As fall approaches, continue to deadhead your flowers to encourage a final bloom. When your daylilies have stopped blooming for the season, remove the dead flowers and seedpods. Cut the plant’s stalks to the ground and remove any dead foliage. Fall is the ideal time to divide your daylilies, according to Purdue Extension.


  • Newly planted daylilies and less-hardy evergreen varieties should be mulched in the fall to protect against winter temperatures, according to Iowa State University’s Reiman Gardens. Most established plants can be mulched, also, but it is not necessary. Choose an airy, coarse mulch, such as straw, to protect your daylilies.


  • Daylilies thrive and produce their best blooms when grown in full sun. Keep them away from shrubs and trees that block light and compete for nutrients and water. Daylilies do best in a well-drained, slightly acidic moist soil. Natural rainfall is generally all your daylilies will require. If your area is under a drought, however, water your daylilies once a week during the growing season.

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