U.S. Total Farm Production Expenditures1 Down in 2009

U.S. Total Farm Production Expenditures totaled $287.4 billion in 2009 down

from $307.0 billion in 2008. This is the first major decline of farm

expenditures since 1986. The 2009 Total Expenditures fell 6.4 percent

compared to the 2008 rise of 8.3 percent. Total Expenditures for 2008 remain

unchanged from a year ago. Two expense items showing increases from the

previous year were; Rent, up 0.9 percent, and Seed and Plants, up

2.6 percent.

Major factors that impacted expenditures this year were general economic

conditions and the price of crude oil. The sharp decline in petroleum prices

was a major factor affecting Total Expenditures. Fuels, down 22.5 percent

over previous year, had the largest decrease of any capital or non-capital

expense. The decreasing cost of crude oil also contributed to the drop of

Fertilizer and Agricultural Chemicals in 2009.

Total Fuels Expense was $12.4 billion dollars. Diesel, the largest

sub-component, was $7.2 billion accounting for 58.2 percent of the total

Fuels Expense. Diesel expenditures were down 26.8 percent in 2009. Gasoline

was $2.4 billion, down 19.3 percent. LP Gas was $2.0 billion, down

3.9 percent. Other Fuels were $0.8 billion, down 27.3 percent.

Expenditures with the largest percentage drop were: Fuels, down 22.5 percent;

Other Farm Machinery, down 20.3 percent; Tractors and Self Propelled

Machinery, down 18.4 percent; Farm Improvements, down 10.8 percent; and

Fertilizer, Lime, and Soil Conditioners, down 10.7 percent

The four largest expenditures at the U.S. level totaled $136.1 billion and

accounted for 47.4 percent of Total Expenditures in 2009. They were Feed,

15.7 percent; Farm Services, 12.7 percent; Labor, 10.0 percent; and Livestock

and Poultry Purchases, 9.0 percent.

In 2009, the U.S. Total Farm Expenditure average per farm was $131,137

compared with $140,075 in 2008, a decrease of 6.4 percent. On average, U.S.

farm operations spent: $20,533 on Feed, $16,609 on Farm Services, $13,141 on

Labor, $11,818 on Livestock and Poultry Purchases, $9,171 on Fertilizer,

Lime, and Soil Conditioners, and $10,312 on Rent. For 2008, U.S. farms spent

an average of: $21,398 on Feed, $17,337 on Farm Services, $12,912 on

Livestock and Poultry Purchases, $13,550 on Labor, and $10,220 on Rent.

The top three average per farm expenditures with the largest dollar decrease

were: Fuels down $1,642 or 22.5 percent; Fertilizer, Lime and Soil

Conditioners, down $1,094, or 10.7 percent; and Livestock and Poultry

Purchases, down $1,094, or 8.5 percent. All other per farm average decreases

were down less than $1,000 dollars per farm.

The U.S. Economic Sales Class contributing most to the 2009 U.S. Total

Expenditures was the $1,000,000 – $4,999,999 class, with expenses of $75.4

billion, 26.2 percent of the U.S. total, down 9.3 percent from the 2008 level

of $83.1 billion. It was followed by the $5,000,000 and Over class with $51.0

billion (2008 – $57.4 billion) and the $500,000 – $999,999 class with $49.3

billion (2008 – $51.9 billion).   

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