Propagation of Calla Lilies


Floral arrangements and centerpieces at weddings frequently feature calla lilies, which have heart-shaped flowers and delicate stems. Traditionally, the calla lilies that decorate most weddings are white, but these flowers come in other colors, as well. Calla lilies reproduce by spreading underground rhizomes, which look like thick bulbs. New calla lilies grow out of these bulbs and eventually create new bulbs of their own, repeating the cycle. In the spring, gardeners can dig up calla lily bulbs to propagate the plants to new areas.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You’ll Need:

  • Trowel
  1. Dig into the soil around a calla lily until you see its rhizome bulb. Spring is the best time for this process.

  2. Disconnect the bulb from the plant by severing the roots around the bulb with a trowel.

  3. Plant the detached bulb in a new location with well-drained soil and full sun. Dig a 4-inch deep hole, lay the bulb horizontally in the hole, then backfill the soil. Thoroughly water the transplant immediately.

Tips & Warnings

  • Take care to keep the soil around calla lilies damp during drought conditions.

  • Leave at least 12 inches between bulbs when propagating and transplanting several lilies at once.

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