A Guide to Growing Stargazer Lilies

guide-growing-stargazer-lilies-200X200 The rosy pink Stargazer lily, with its deep-pink interior spangles and white border, is easier to grow than its exotic appearance implies. While Oriental lilies do require certain growing conditions, they establish well and grace your garden with midsummer color after other lilies fade.


  1. Avoid buying sprouting bulbs.

    Choose firm, healthy bulbs in autumn. Plant the bulbs roughly 3 times the height of the bulb. The Iowa State University Extension recommends planting bulbs 6 to 8 inches deep. Plant container-grown lilies any time of the year, and keep the container and garden soil levels equal.


  2. Do not plant bulbs in continually wet or poorly-drained areas, and give them full sun in temperate climates. Stargazer prefers some shade during hot afternoons. Oriental lilies also like cool roots. Mulch the area well to keep soil temperatures down.

    Site Considerations

  3. Staking protects from wind and supports the large flowerheads.

    Oriental lilies, like Stargazer, grow best with protection from strong winds. While their tall 3 to 6 foot stems allow the wide flowers to nod over the garden, the stems and leaves catch the wind and even brief winds may knock the flower over. Stake the lily if necessary.

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