When Do Gladioluses Bloom?


  • Gladiolus is the common name as well as the botanical name for a flowering plant with tall stems, long, strap-like leaves and erect stalks of bright, ruffled flowers. The plural of gladiolus, a member of the family Iridaceae, may be expressed as gladioli, gladioluses, gladiolas or—simply—"glads."
  • Summer-Blooming Parents

  • The summer-blooming trait of modern gladioluses results from the crossing of several summer-blooming, subtropical species, including Gladiolus dalenii, Gladiolus oppositiflorus and the red-flowered Gladiolus sundersii.This hybridizing process began in 1837.


  • Gladiolus grow from corms that should be planted in well-drained spots that receive full sun. Planting depth should be according to the size of corms, with the largest—those 2 inches or more in diameter—planted about 6 inches deep.

    Succession Planting

  • Gladioluses’ bloom time may be staggered throughout the summer by succession planting. Plant the first batch of corms up to a month before your area’s last frost date, then plant every two weeks until the end of July.

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