Double White Oleander Plants


Oleanders are flowering shrubs that are popular with landscapers because they require little care. Although oleanders flower in different colors, the white oleander is a popular variety. Oleanders have a reputation for being hardy against heat and drought and grow well near the sea, as they can tolerate salt.


While many oleanders bloom in single-blossom clusters, some varieties produce double blossoms. According to Clemson University, the most fragrant cultivars of oleander have double flowers.


While single oleander flowers drop to the ground, double flowers tend to linger on the plant, according to Clemson University. The blossoms then will dry up and be unattractive.


Oleander plants are poisonous and fatal if eaten. Ingesting even a small amount can be lethal. Do not let unsupervised children near oleander plants.


White oleander cultivars with double blossoms include the magnolia willis sealy, a hardy variety that blooms throughout the summer, and the Mrs. Knox, a semi-hardy cultivar that blooms in the springtime.

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