How to Make a Plumeria Plant Flower


Plumeria is native to tropical environments and is commonly grown as an ornamental. Depending on species and variety, the plumeria may be a small container plant or grow to as tall as 30 feet. Often, plumeria leaves appear green and glossy, but some varieties may feature a dull, green leaf. The highlight of the plumeria is its pinwheel-shaped flower, which may be pink, red, yellow, white or multicolor and is about 2 inches in diameter. Plumeria’s flowering season ranges from March to October and it requires proper conditions or its fragrant flowers will not bloom.

Difficulty: Moderate


  1. Create an optimal growing environment for your plumeria. Whether potted or growing in soil, it prefers rich, well-drained organic material in which to grow. Ideal pH is between 6.4 and 6.8. Plumerias like sun and they should receive at least half a day’s worth of full sun. Water plumeria when its soil is dry, refraining from overwatering. Mist the plumeria in morning to simulate its natural, tropical environment.

  2. Fertilize the plumeria in springtime, applying every four weeks until mid-August. High-phosphorus fertilizer encourages blooming. For a plumeria in a 5 to 7 gallon container, mix 2 tbsp. bone meal and 2 tbsp. potash and sprinkle it on the soil’s surface. Water the soil evenly to incorporate the fertilizer. For a larger plant or tree, purchase commercial plumeria fertilizer and apply it according to package directions.

  3. Apply 2 tbsp. Epsom salts every four weeks while you are giving the plumeria fertilizer treatments. Sprinkle it over the soil. This neutralizes the soil, which becomes acidic due to the rate of fertilization. It also controls issues like leaf scorch.

  4. Discontinue adding potash to the plumeria’s soil when buds appear. Do not continue fertilization beyond the end of summer, as the plant needs to go dormant for the winter to grow properly in future years

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