Can Azaleas Take Full Sun?


Azaleas are flowering shrubs from the rhododendron family that reach 4 to 6 feet tall at maturity. Known for their sensitivity to growing conditions, azaleas need proper location and care to thrive.


  • Most azaleas prefer partial sun, but some do well in full sun. Placing most azaleas in full sun leads to scorching and leaf burn. Flower colors also bleach out quickly in full sun.


  • Deciduous azaleas tolerate sun better than evergreen varieties, according to University of Missouri Extension. The Piedmont azalea, an American variety, grows well in full sun.


  • Azaleas do best in wind-protected areas without early morning winter sun, so avoid planting sites on the southern side of homes. This is true even of hardier varieties that survive colder climates.

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