Information About Hawaii’s Cattleya Orchids


Cattleyas are a genus of orchids that grow in tropical regions like Hawaii. Considered the queen of orchids, cattleyas are known for their large flowers, which come in a wide variety of colors.


  • Cattleya orchids were known as "corsage orchids" because wealthy women would wear these large flowers as corsages to special events. They were discovered by horticulturalist William Cattley in South America, but Hawaii’s tropical climate has made it the perfect home in which to grow these flowers.


  • Cattleyas come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from miniature cultivars to large plants that produce flowers 6 to 8 inches around, according to Tropical Gardens of Maui. The Angels Treasure "Hawaii" produces clusters of 4-inch pink flowers, while the Mini Purple "Princess Road" is a small hybrid that produces deep purple blooms.


  • In Hawaii, cattleya orchids are susceptible to infestation by cattleya flies. The larvae do extensive damage to orchids. More like a wasp than a fly, the cattleya fly can be controlled with pesticides, and must be–otherwise your flowers could die.

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