How Do I Grow Lilium Bulbs?


Lilium, also referred to as the lily flower, comes in many different shapes, colors and sizes. Planting perennial lilium bulbs in the garden will result in a beautiful display of lily flowers year after year. Lilium bulbs are easy to plant and care for provided they are grown in the proper conditions. Create an attractive and colorful outdoor space by planting several lilium bulbs within your landscape.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Garden hoe
  • Peat moss
  • Garden spade
  • Watering can
  • Mulch
  • Balanced fertilizer
  1. Select an area within your landscape or garden that receives full to partial sun. Loosen the soil at the planting site down 12 inches with a shovel or garden hoe. Remove weeds and rocks from the planting site.

  2. Incorporate a 4-inch layer of peat moss into the loosened soil, using your garden hoe. The peat moss will aerate the soil and aid in draining away excess water.

  3. Dig 4-inch planting holes, spaced 12 inches apart, with a garden spade.

  4. Set one lilium bulb per planting hole with the fatter side of the bulb facing downward. Cover the lilium bulb and fill the planting hole with the loosened soil.

  5. Water the soil covering the lilium bulb until it becomes slightly moist, but not waterlogged. Continue to keep the soil moist surrounding the growing lilium bulbs. Do not water the lilium directly on the stem or foliage as this might encourage fungal diseases.

  6. Spread a 2-inch layer of mulch around the lilium bulbs to keep the soil from drying out between watering.

  7. Feed the lilium bulbs a balanced fertilizer right after the first lilium shoots emerge from the ground in spring. Refer to the instructions included with the balanced fertilizer for complete application ratio directions.

  8. Cut the lilium stalks at ground level, using sharp pruning shears, in the fall when they have turned yellow and dry. Try not to pull the stalks from the ground, as this may cause damage to the underlying lilium bulb.

  9. Cover the ground over the lilium bulbs with a 3-inch layer of straw to protect the bulbs through the winter months.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can skip the process of loosening the soil by using raised garden beds to grow the lilium bulbs.

  • Plant the lilium bulbs in early spring when the soil becomes soft and workable.

  • Insert tall wooden stakes into the ground beside the planting hole before you set the lilium bulb into the hole. The stake will add support for lilium flowers that produce large heads.

  • Protect young lily shoots from unpredicted frost weather by covering them with a cardboard box.

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