How to Prune Calla Lilies

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The calla lily is not a true lily at all, but rather, an African flowering plant of the Zantedeschia species. Calla lilies grow beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers that come in shades of yellow, purple, orange and white. Calla lilies stems make a beautiful bouquet and are a popular wedding flower. Calla lilies require full sun and plenty of water, so monitor them regularly or set up a drip irrigation system. While calla lilies do not require pruning, you should cut back flowers after the die and prune withered stems for aesthetic purposes.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • Scissors
  1. Inspect your calla lily plants for dead or damaged leaves. You may wish to cut healthy blossoms for a bouquet.

  2. Using your scissors, snip the stem of the damaged leaves directly at the base. Continue until all dead leaves have been removed.

  3. Cut back dead or dying flowers by pruning at the base.

  4. Cut back bushy low-lying leaves to improve the plant’s aesthetics.

  5. Remove all waste to a compost bin and clean up the work area thoroughly.

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