How to Grow Double Petunias

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Petunias are colorful annual flowers that bloom from late spring through fall. Grow them in your garden, planter, or hanging baskets for a variety of options. Double petunias are one petunia variety; they come in a variety of single-colored or variegated hues and provide double petals on their blossoms. Growing double petunia plants requires the proper care and maintenance.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy



Things You’ll Need:

  • Double petunia plants
  • Fertilizer
  • Water
  • Sunlight
  1. Provide adequate sunlight. Petunias grow best in full sun, with at least six hours of direct sunlight per day (or more) to thrive. It is possible to grow petunias in partial shade, but they will not flower as fully in these conditions. Plant your petunias in a sunny spot where they will provide the strongest burst of color to your garden.

  2. Prepare the soil. Dig a layer of compost into your soil, approximately 1 to 2 inches deep. Petunias can thrive in almost any soil variety, but prefer well-draining soil.

  3. Plant the petunias. Dig a hole that is as deep as the plants were buried in their nursery pots. Space them 10 inches apart. Spread a layer of mulch over the soil to prevent mud from splattering up onto the petals.

  4. Provide fertilizer. Double petunias like to have plenty of fertilizer, so use a balanced flower fertilizer every two to three weeks on your petunia plants.

  5. Water your double petunias enough to keep the soil moist, especially during periods of drought or high heat. In flower boxes, the soil will dry out more quickly than it does in the ground, so you will have to water more frequently if you plant that way.

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