How to Care for the Supersonic Orchid Plant


The supersonic orchid is a registered hybrid species known as the Phal. Brother Supersonic. It was a combination of two parents, Phal. Sara Lee and Phal. Brother Purple. The flowers are a little over 2 inches in width and are rose magenta colored on the front and cream blushed rose on the back. The care of these beautiful orchids is similar to other Phalaenopsis or moth orchids.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy



Things You’ll Need:

  • Sphagnum moss
  • Balanced liquid fertilizer
  1. Wrap the roots of the supersonic orchid plant in sphagnum moss loosely without packing it down, as you want them to be able to get air and moisture from the rooting medium.

  2. Fertilize the moth orchid with a balanced liquid fertilizer, adding ½ tsp. to a gallon of water and using this mixture at three out of every four waterings.

  3. Keep the orchid warm or between the lower 60s and higher 70s degrees Fahrenheit for healthy growth, as lower temperatures will stop the growth and higher temperatures will dry out the roots.

  4. Light the supersonic orchid with indirect light in windows facing north, east or west, or place it outside under a shaded area.

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