Milos Sejn – St. Mary’s Garden (2007) part 3 of 3

St. Mary’s Garden (2007), DVD, 117 min, CZ/EN, Dolby Digital 2.0 Director: Milos Sejn Screenplay, text: Jaromír Gottlieb This project is cofinanced by European Union and Kralovehradecky Region. Project partners: Občanské sdružení Staré Hrady, ValdÅ¡tejnova zahrada, Sdružení ÄŒeský ráj Published by Cluster of Municipalities St. Marys Garden in the cooperation with Regional Museum and Gallery in Jicin, e-mail: Extract from text by Jaromír Gottlieb: Landscape like Garden At the turn of 16th and 17th century, Frantisek Josef Schlik began to change the landscape of his demesne into an entity of interlinked landscape features which had a practical as well as a spiritual meaning. No place, be it a field, path junction, chateau, church, pilgrimage chapel, village common, forest backwater or water spring, was to be omitted. Life on holiday as well as at everyday work, the representation of the majesty and the everyday life of common village citizens, everything becomes one world deserving beauty, harmony, mystique, sense. High above that is Loreta, the holy place of the Virgin Mary towards which landscape lines aim from the places where the inhabitants of the landscape live. Kopidlno and Stare Hrady as ancient chateau centres in the southern part of the demesne were joined by Jicineves and Voksice, new centres built in the northern part after 1700. The principle of the landscape formation of this type is therefore not to buildi one

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