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Clematis – Beautiful garden around the house


Vigorous Clematis Montana scrambles through a laburnum tree to form a pretty canopy over a garden bench in spring.



Clematis “Pink Fantasy”


Clematis Florida “Sieboldii”


Clematis “Madame Julia Correvon”


Clematis “Fuji-musume”

From the delicate nodding bells of Clematis alpine to the extravagant double flowers of some of the larger hybrids, the range of clematis is vast. They can be found flowering from spring to late fall, and after the last blooms are spent, there are still the fluffy seed heads to enjoy. The first starry flowers of Clematis Montana appear in spring; C.florida “Sieboldii” is another early cultivar, while “Madame Julia Correvon” unfurls at the height of summer.

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